New Animal Species Discovered on the Web – Zibbies!

Biologists Unable to Explain

The recent discovery of a new and previously unknown animal species at has left both biologists and anthropologists scratching their heads and searching for clues. Referred to as Zibbies by research scientists, the origin of these most unusual creatures remains a mystery.

Though Zibbies resemble many familiar animals such as a penguins, flamingos and ducks, one striking feature that differentiates these peculiar creatures from their standard animal counterpart are the unmistakable and inexplicable colorful rubbery spikes growing from the tops of their heads.

So what could explain these stretchy and vibrant growths? Could this be some sort of genetic mutation? Or are Zibbies a new and completely different species? Or could there be something more otherworldly to explain these animals’ unusual appearance? So far, the scientific community has offered no cogent explanation.

“The entire Zibbie phenomenon is like nothing we have ever seen,” says Hans Dorfelberger of head of Zoological research at the College of San Francisco. “If this is a genetic mutation, what possible purpose could these rubberized spikes serve? Except to make them fun and adorable, or course.”

Based on Dorfelberger’s statements, perhaps these unusual and stretchy growths are more than just a new link in the evolutionary chain.

“Yes, these Zibbies may look like animals we all know…the penguin, the duck, the mouse…but what if that is merely a disguise? Where do they actually come from? Is there any reasonable explanation for this radical change in appearance? Except to make them cute of course,” says Former NASA scientist and current dean of Mixatonic University, Harold Lovecroft.

“What is the agenda of these Zibbies and why have they infested” Lovecroft asks. “I fear that this is just the first step in a radical and frightening alien invasion. Disguising themselves as cute and attractive animals makes these so-called Zibbies the perfect covert agents for an eventual planetary takeover…or at least, that is what the voices in my head tell me.”

Regardless of their mysterious origins or hidden agendas, one thing is certain about the Zibbies. They have found a home at, and have been congregating there in large numbers.

“Sorry, but I have no idea about where they came from either,” states David Luebke, President of “We opened up the warehouse one morning, and there they were. At least we don’t have to feed them. But what are those rubbery spikes on their heads? I mean, what do they do…except make them cute of course,” says Luebke.

Though these mysterious creatures require very little care and the staff usually enjoys the company, the large Zibbie population has become a hindrance to the day to day operations in the warehouse.

“You go to open a box of Antworks ant habitats, and there will be one of those spiky headed penguins or flamingos. I gotta tell you, those little guys have given some of my shipping clerks quite a fright,” says Luebke trying to conceal a note of panic in his voice. “I would really love to know why they decided our warehouse was a good home. I mean, I like cute animals as much as the next guy, but this is getting out of hand.”

Therefore, is asking for the public’s help to prevent any possible warehouse mishaps resulting from this Zibbie infestation.

“If anyone out there thinks that they can give one of these little guys a good home, please visit our website,, and view the Zibbies available for adoption. I think any animal lover would enjoy having one of these odd guys around. Trust me, they are like nothing you have ever seen before, and who knows, they may disappear just as quickly and mysteriously as they appeared, so please don’t wait,” says Luebke.

For further information on Zibbie adoption and a full list of all available species, please visit and type in Zibbie in the search bar.


Praying Mantis Kit Now Available at

New Product is an Addition to Unusual Science and Nature Toys Offered This Christmas

RICHMOND, VA, November 15, 2006 (PRWEB) –, online retailer of unusual and unique toys, recently added the Praying Mantis kit to its line of science and nature toys. The new kit is an addition to the company’s line of educational toys designed to teach children about different insect habitats. For the complete catalog of toys, visit:

The Praying Mantis kit  includes a collapsible net habitat, full care instructions, and an order form for the praying mantis larvae. Learning about this unusual insect has never been easier or more fun!

And the selection of toys for bug enthusiasts does not end with the praying mantis. As winter approaches, bring a little bit of the outdoors inside with one of the other science and nature toys available at Continue reading ‘Praying Mantis Kit Now Available at’

Giant Microbes Plush Dolls Available at This Christmas

Online Toy Store Expands Line of Educational Toys

RICHMOND, VA, November 14, 2006 (PRWEB) –, online retailer of unusual and unique toys, announces seven new additions to its large selection of Giant Microbes plush dolls – the fuzzy, cute, and huggable pandemic line of educational toys that is spreading across the nation – just in time for the holiday season. For information on the company’s toys, visit

Giant Microbes are super-sized and furry versions of the many viruses, bacteria, and diseases that we all have to endure…just in a more cute and huggable version. Think of them as the Beanie Babies of the microbial world.

Currently, there are 31 different fuzzy and brightly-colored germs available. Each has its own personality, and each is made to resemble, as closely as possible, the actual germ it represents. Continue reading ‘Giant Microbes Plush Dolls Available at This Christmas’

2006 Hot Christmas Toys

Send them Christmas cheer with christmas toys from’s
2006 hot Christmas toys selection. Our Childrens & Kids Christmas Gifts
Collection includes: kids’ games to nerf-type toys and many more. See our hot Christmas toys below as well. We’ve simplified the Christmas toys shopping process at by offering a wide variety of kids Christmas gifts for children of all ages. Whichever 2005 hot Christmas toys you select, the recipient will love their child’s Christmas gifts.

Antworks: It is so cool to be able to watch the ants channeling through the gel. You’re seeing something that is usually invisible to the human eye.

Airzooka: This toy is so obnoxious, it is cool. It’s a fun way to spook the dog and startle your Aunt Gertrude.

Inside Out Balls: They’re mushy and goofy looking especially when you put it over your hand, your head, a book, or box.

Lady Bug Land: You see the ladybug in all its growth stages. Who knew a ladybug larva looks like a flour bug? It’s so cool when they eat raisins. These are easier to raise up than the butterflies; you don’t have to gingerly switch them into the environment.

Buzzing Magnets: You can freak people out with these. The sounds they make are eerie and they look extraterrestrial.

Sonic Spinners: It’s fun to try to balance one top on top of the other but this version now has sound and LED changing designs that adds to the experience.

Giant Microbes: These are such a weird idea that people love it. One lady gave the Sleeping Sickness microbe to her teenager because he sleeps so much. We had an AIDS counselor order 15 for colleagues.

Throw Me Friends: The facial expressions on these plush animals are appealing. We saw the bug-eyed alligator and were immediately convinced they’d sell. Every one of them is already named; both kids and adults are charmed by that. Different materials are used on each for a different feel. And they are soooo soft!

X-zylo: It looks like a simple ring of plastic, but this thing goes really far! And you don’t have to be a professional shot putter to get significant yardage. Both kids and adults can enjoy.

Butterfly Pavilion: The best part is watching the metamorphoses in the larva; you can SEE the butterflies forming! You get to see in a confined space what normally happens in the wild.

Levitron: Once you have the top balanced over the super strong magnet, it is the coolest effect to see the top mysteriously floating in air.

Kick It Stick It
: You can play soccer inside and not worry about banging up the furniture. When the weather is nasty, it’s a great way to wear out the wiggles in kids.

Zing Shot
: It’s big and green and made of foam. And it’s so crazy when you release the trigger and this foam O-ring goes sailing for 40 feet! And then you have the guy who “goes long”. It’s always fun to try to aim it to hit him square. This is so much fun in a field, on the beach, or in the hallway at the Village Shopping Center!

Neutron Stunt Top: It’s a challenge to learn how to throw and balance this top. What a cool magnetic field is created. And the neon colors on this toy are nifty.

Snorta: Little kids can beat their parents in this game, which involves speed and a lot of silly screaming. It has an array of colorful, funny looking farm animal play pieces.

Young Scientists club

By Jeff Commings

arizona daily star

Eleven Tucson-area students are among the 400 semifinalists nationwide vying to be named America’s Top Young Scientist of the Year.

The students, all in fifth through eighth grade in the last school year, submitted exceptional science projects to this year’s Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair. They’re from the Marana Unified, Catalina Foothills and Tucson Unified school districts, as well as from a private school and a home school. The students are:

● Peter Angeli, Manzanita Elementary School (“How to Make the Best Trebuchet”).

● Erin Celaya, Twin Peaks Elementary School (“Flower Power”).

● Laura DeMers, Manzanita Elementary School (“Nice Save!”).

● Anna Guarino, St. Michael’s Parish Day School (“Sound Rebound”).

● Lyda Treistman Harris, Doolen Middle School (“Down the Drain”).

● Crystal Higgs, Twin Peaks Elementary School (“Flower Power”).

● Yurika Isoe, Lineweaver Elementary School (“Airzooka and Air Traveling Distance”).

● Theo Jones, home school (“How Can Modern Potters Make Their Pots Like Prehistoric People Did?”).

● Olivia Peake, Doolen Middle School, eighth grade (“Fungi and Bacteria: Can They Clean?”).

● Gage Walker, Dodge Traditional Middle Magnet School (“The Effect of Photoperiod on Algae Growth and Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Culture Flasks”).

● Emily Windes, Butterfield Elementary School (“Glass Choir”).

Emily, now a sixth-grader at Butterfield with designs on astronomy, said her project involved predicting musical notes heard as she rubbed her fingers on water-filled wineglasses. She said she didn’t expect recognition from her project beyond the regional science fair.

Arizona has 15 semifinalists in the competition, the sixth-highest state total. Florida is the top state with 36 semifinalists. Last year, Garrett Yazzie of Piñon was the only Arizona student to be selected as a finalist. Piñon is a village on the Navajo Reservation, in the northeastern part of the state.

This year’s list of semifinalists was selected from about 60,000 submissions to regional science fairs, the contest’s Web site says. The semifinalists will be winnowed to 40 finalists on Sept. 14. The finalists’ projects will compete in Washington, D.C., at the finals for four scholarships totaling $35,500.

Tips for Traveling with Children in Your RV

A recreational vehicle can open up an exciting world of traveling possibilities for you and your family. An RV represents an efficient, convenient way to have a roadside adventure. Yet, you might be wondering whether your children will travel well in an RV.

A Chance for Bonding

You should look at your RV as offering a chance for family bonding. For instance, while your husband is driving, you may be able to play games in the back with your children. Alternatively, when you take over the wheel, your husband may want to turn on the DVD player and watch a movie with the crew. Once in your campground, hook up your RV Satellite Internet and stream videos or movies with your kids. You can even take your family pet along to join in the fun.

Special Family Meals

An RV permits you to have special family meals together while you’re on the road. Since you have your own kitchen on board, you should make the most of it. Plan unique lunches and dinners in your RV kitchen. Your children will enjoy the ritual, and it will provide them with memories to last a lifetime.

A Jam-Packed Traveling Toy Chest

With the extra room that an RV provides, you can afford to pack along a toy chest filled with your children’s favorite family games, dolls, puzzles, and other toys. In fact, you’ll want a full complement of toys for the road. In addition, consider packing along a shelf worth of books—particularly joke books and puzzle books, which can keep your children occupied for extended periods of time.

Plan for Some Outdoor Time

While it might be tempting to spend a great deal of time huddled up in the RV, be sure to schedule some important outdoor time for your children. At a campground, you can find swimming pools, playgrounds, miniature golf, game rooms, and the opportunity to rent bikes and boats. The campsite might even have organized recreational activities for families. These activities allow your children the chance to interact with other children who may share their love of the road. So, sit back, relax, and remember—an RV vacation can be just as much fun for you as for the children!

Article by:
Michelle O’Connor


Screaming. Kicking. Occasional biting. Tantrums are a normal development stage, and they often occur as a reaction to strong emotions that they don’t have the ability to tell you about. We’ve all heard of “Terrible Twos,” but in many children tantrums begin far before the first birthday, sometimes as early as nine months. Here are ten ways to avoid and ultimately deal with tantrums:

  1. Take the time to play and talk with you toddler frequently – the first step to avoiding tantrums is setting up good communication with your child, advises Dr. Harvey Karp, author of the best-selling book and DVD, The Happiest Toddler on the Block.
  2. Try to foresee tantrums, divert your child before one erupts, and remember that most toddlers can’t be easily calmed down once a tantrum begins, although you should pick up your child if you think he will hurt himself.
  3. Generally speaking, the best way to cope with any tantrum – public or private – is to ignore it and let it take its course. Of course, ignoring a tantrum isn’t always possible. If it happens in a public place, try to remove your child from the scene. If you can, take her outside to the car and let her scream it out there.
  4. When you go to public places, bring items that will create a diversion to help avoid a scene and give yourself peace of mind. Their favorite early learning toy might do the trick.
  5. A child who has already lost control can be brought to consciousness by splashing a couple of ounces of water on her face. This has the same effect as slapping a hysterical person to shock, then back to reality.
  6. Michelle McGarrity, Parent Coach and CEO of Nanny Coach, Inc. suggests that if a parent is too angry to be rational, she should leave the room and ask another caregiver to take charge for a few moments.
  7. Many parents actually model for their children how to perform temper tantrums by yelling, screaming and even hitting when they get to the end of their rope. Realize that by doing this, you are teaching your child how to misbehave.
  8. The majority of parents need to learn ways to discipline their children. Effective discipline helps a child develop empathy and self-control.
  9. For the very young, explanations that “Daddy is busy” just aren’t going to be enough. What you can do, though, is offer an alternative, such as “Daddy is busy right now, would you like to draw some pictures for a while?”
  10. When your child throws things, try some variation of “Uh-oh, toys aren’t for throwing. If you’re mad, you can give it to Mommy or put it on the table. You can have it back when you’re ready to be gentle.” To get the toy out of sight, you might put it in your child’s toy box.

After a tiresome day of bargaining with your child, rely on your confidence in your instincts and parenting wisdom. Tap your resources of parents with older children and your pediatrician for helpful advice in dealing with the typical situations you will encounter with your child.

By Michelle O’Connor, Diaper Changing Tables

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