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Praying Mantis Kit Now Available at

New Product is an Addition to Unusual Science and Nature Toys Offered This Christmas

RICHMOND, VA, November 15, 2006 (PRWEB) –, online retailer of unusual and unique toys, recently added the Praying Mantis kit to its line of science and nature toys. The new kit is an addition to the company’s line of educational toys designed to teach children about different insect habitats. For the complete catalog of toys, visit:

The Praying Mantis kit  includes a collapsible net habitat, full care instructions, and an order form for the praying mantis larvae. Learning about this unusual insect has never been easier or more fun!

And the selection of toys for bug enthusiasts does not end with the praying mantis. As winter approaches, bring a little bit of the outdoors inside with one of the other science and nature toys available at Continue reading ‘Praying Mantis Kit Now Available at’


Giant Microbes Plush Dolls Available at This Christmas

Online Toy Store Expands Line of Educational Toys

RICHMOND, VA, November 14, 2006 (PRWEB) –, online retailer of unusual and unique toys, announces seven new additions to its large selection of Giant Microbes plush dolls – the fuzzy, cute, and huggable pandemic line of educational toys that is spreading across the nation – just in time for the holiday season. For information on the company’s toys, visit

Giant Microbes are super-sized and furry versions of the many viruses, bacteria, and diseases that we all have to endure…just in a more cute and huggable version. Think of them as the Beanie Babies of the microbial world.

Currently, there are 31 different fuzzy and brightly-colored germs available. Each has its own personality, and each is made to resemble, as closely as possible, the actual germ it represents. Continue reading ‘Giant Microbes Plush Dolls Available at This Christmas’

2006 Hot Christmas Toys

Send them Christmas cheer with christmas toys from’s
2006 hot Christmas toys selection. Our Childrens & Kids Christmas Gifts
Collection includes: kids’ games to nerf-type toys and many more. See our hot Christmas toys below as well. We’ve simplified the Christmas toys shopping process at by offering a wide variety of kids Christmas gifts for children of all ages. Whichever 2005 hot Christmas toys you select, the recipient will love their child’s Christmas gifts.

Antworks: It is so cool to be able to watch the ants channeling through the gel. You’re seeing something that is usually invisible to the human eye.

Airzooka: This toy is so obnoxious, it is cool. It’s a fun way to spook the dog and startle your Aunt Gertrude.

Inside Out Balls: They’re mushy and goofy looking especially when you put it over your hand, your head, a book, or box.

Lady Bug Land: You see the ladybug in all its growth stages. Who knew a ladybug larva looks like a flour bug? It’s so cool when they eat raisins. These are easier to raise up than the butterflies; you don’t have to gingerly switch them into the environment.

Buzzing Magnets: You can freak people out with these. The sounds they make are eerie and they look extraterrestrial.

Sonic Spinners: It’s fun to try to balance one top on top of the other but this version now has sound and LED changing designs that adds to the experience.

Giant Microbes: These are such a weird idea that people love it. One lady gave the Sleeping Sickness microbe to her teenager because he sleeps so much. We had an AIDS counselor order 15 for colleagues.

Throw Me Friends: The facial expressions on these plush animals are appealing. We saw the bug-eyed alligator and were immediately convinced they’d sell. Every one of them is already named; both kids and adults are charmed by that. Different materials are used on each for a different feel. And they are soooo soft!

X-zylo: It looks like a simple ring of plastic, but this thing goes really far! And you don’t have to be a professional shot putter to get significant yardage. Both kids and adults can enjoy.

Butterfly Pavilion: The best part is watching the metamorphoses in the larva; you can SEE the butterflies forming! You get to see in a confined space what normally happens in the wild.

Levitron: Once you have the top balanced over the super strong magnet, it is the coolest effect to see the top mysteriously floating in air.

Kick It Stick It
: You can play soccer inside and not worry about banging up the furniture. When the weather is nasty, it’s a great way to wear out the wiggles in kids.

Zing Shot
: It’s big and green and made of foam. And it’s so crazy when you release the trigger and this foam O-ring goes sailing for 40 feet! And then you have the guy who “goes long”. It’s always fun to try to aim it to hit him square. This is so much fun in a field, on the beach, or in the hallway at the Village Shopping Center!

Neutron Stunt Top: It’s a challenge to learn how to throw and balance this top. What a cool magnetic field is created. And the neon colors on this toy are nifty.

Snorta: Little kids can beat their parents in this game, which involves speed and a lot of silly screaming. It has an array of colorful, funny looking farm animal play pieces.

Children’s Online Toy Store,, Ramps Up to Compete with Walmart

Small online toy retailer touts valued added customer service

RICHMOND, VA, October 26, 2005 – Online toy store, (, announces its plan to compete for customers with larger retailers, such as Wal-Mart, this holiday season. With consumer spending expected to be low this winter due to the higher costs of gas and home heating fuel, brick-and-mortar and online retailers are bracing for what could be a rough holiday season. Wal-Mart, whose aggressive pricing in 2003 allegedly contributed to the bankruptcy filings of KB Toys and FAO Schwartz, is once again dropping prices for this Christmas buying season.

In this time when many areas of the United States are in distress, independent retailers need to be supported. The small business owner is one of the main foundations of the community, and Wal-Mart’s aggressive pricing scheme intends to put financial hardship on these small business owners and, by extension, their communities. In essence, this tactic will undermine the small businessman’s livelihood and will damage the retail community that depends on making a profit during the holiday season. The war for Christmas toy dollars has been declared by Wal-Mart’s announcement. Now online retailer has entered the battle saying it is happy to compete with the big chains, not on price, but on the quality of customer service and variety of toys and games offered.

Great customer service and responsiveness, once a given in the retail industry, has become a rarity. In an effort to cut costs, large chains have reduced their customer service staffs, forcing shoppers to search for store workers or talk with outsourced customer service representatives who don’t know the products they are selling. “We recognize that many parents and grandparents don’t blindly select toys and games for their children. They often have valid questions and need advice,” says Dave Luebke, president of “When you contact us, your call or email isn’t being sent to a detached, customer service rep; you are actually in contact with someone who knows the merchandise being sold.” The toy experts at not only know the inventory but also have play tested all of the toys. They are able to discuss how the toys work and offer gift-giving advice. “Product knowledge is one area that Wal-Mart cannot compete with us,” states Luebke. “We select the toys, we play with the toys, and we understand the toys. This helps us educate our customers so they can avoid purchasing toys that would be inappropriate for younger children.”’s unique and unusual toy product mix is another area that Luebke thinks he can do battle with Wal-Mart. Luebke explains, “Variety is the key here. customers come to us for toys that they will not find in the bigger national stores. There is little overlap between us and a national chain. If you are only shopping at Wal-Mart or Toys-R-Us, you are missing out on a world of fun, educational, and just plain different toys and games that offer a consistently high play value. That is what we specialize in and what is missing in a Wal-Mart or Toys-R-Us. is a special place to shop for people who actually care to find something fun that will be remembered for years to come.”

About ( is dedicated to providing unusual and unique toys and games not found in mainstream stores. They strive to stock only the finest toys that pique children’s interests and excite their imaginations. Founder, Dave Luebke, is also the president of Dave’s Comics Inc., a brick-and-mortar comic and toy store located in Richmond, Virginia, which has been going strong for over 23 years.

David Luebke
Phone: 804-282-1919

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